Working in cahoots with Clyde Cassidy, a wanted bootlegger, outlaws must bring their own liquor to join the gang and enter this multi-room experience. First stop is a visit to the local Tailors who will ensure you look the part and don't attract the wrong type of attention from the local Sheriff. With the right togs and hat, you're ready to handover your illegal liquor to Clyde and enjoy bespoke, delicious cocktails as you embark on a one-of-a-kind experience, involving card and dice games, an authentic Saloon and to those lucky enough, a sneak peak at the notorious Moonshine Distillery. 

Discretion is paramount in the Saloon. Don't go wagging your tongue when the Sheriff comes-a-knocking or you may just blow the whole operation, or worse, find yourself in prison


The local Sheriff is hot on the case after discovering a letter from Clyde Cassidy, The King of the Moonshiners:


Bring me a bottle of your finest liquor for my barkeeps to mix up for us and we will see if you have the goods to join my smuggling gang! 

We never know who might turn up in the Saloon, so if the Sheriff is in town, be sure to keep our potential business quiet! He's been tipped off about a moonshine distillery here in Coldwater and is already suspicious of me. 

He calls me an outlaw...but I am above-the-law! Y'all have a good day now.

Clyde Cassidy - King of the Moonshiners"