Step foot on The Hidden Spirit for an undercover voyage to steal long lost treasure from the grasps of the Governor.   


Set on board a real ship docked in London, those willing to join Captain Jack Cassidy's undercover crew will be taken on an epic journey of mischief as they steal the hidden treasure aboard The Hidden Spirit from the Government in this truly unique immersive cocktail experience. 

Don your very own Tricorn hat and turn to a life of piracy as you take your share of the world's finest collection of precious metals & jewels, liquors & liqueurs and enjoy some delicious cocktails on board to make the journey at sea all that bit richer...Just make sure the Governor doesn’t catch wind of your plans. 


Jack Cassidy, the chosen Captain by the Governor has a hidden message below:

"My source tells me that you are the right pirate for this job!

I need a crew who are prepared to turn their back on the Law and are not afraid of the sea. 

That silver-spooned Governor thinks the treasure is going to end up in the hands of his superiors. Well...with over $2 million in gold, silver and liquor, I think we should keep that for ourselves!

Join my crew and with me you'll be rich beyond your wildest dreams and drunk on the world's finest liquor!

Throw this note back to sea and meet me at the docks! 

Captain Jack Cassidy"

Created by Inventive Productions, The Hidden Spirit is part of an immersive cocktail series that follows the legends of The Cassidys, a family of pirates, bootleggers and criminals. If your desired date is sold out, why not experience what Captain Jack Cassidy's descendent, Clyde Cassidy did with the stolen treasure by visiting Moonshine Saloon